I'm Emily. I make art for the apparel, gift, publishing, home and stationery markets. My designs have appeared on products such as cloth diapers, plus sized pajamas, notebooks, gift bags and more. I've always loved to draw and listen to music while singing really loud in my average-to-terrible singing voice. I went to art school at Rutgers, The University of Wisconsin and Arizona State, where I got a Masters in Fine Art. I spent about 10 years in New York working as a designer and art director in children's publishing before becoming a freelance illustrator and moving to New Jersey with my family. 

• To buy my patterns please contact my agent Michael Allison at Group Four Design Studio in New York, To commission or license artwork you can email me at

• I also teach art to kids and college students. You can learn more about my classes and see work by my students at

 • When I'm not working I hang out with the people I love. And I field a lot of questions from my kids. Here are some of my favorites. 

“Mom, if we shave the cat like a sheep, can we use her fur to make a sweater?

“If a bumble bee farts, does it smell like honey?” 


"Can I stay home from school tomorrow? My eyebrow is loose."

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